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Stress at work?

"Occupational stress" is stress related to your job. It is your body's response to the work-related demands that overwhelm you and make you sick. It refers to the harmful effects of these pressures on your physical and mental well-being.



Stress at work and Immun'Âge®

Occupational stress is at the origin of many disorders and diseases: depression, anxiety, fatigue, musculoskeletal disorders, and cardiovascular diseases (stroke). Several studies have shown that stress increases oxidative stress which is responsible for damage such as cell and DNA damage.

Immun'Âge® can help mitigate the effects of occupational stress by reducing the oxidative stress that it has induced. 

Immun’Âge® can protect you and help you maintain your well-being during stressful occupational activities.

Protection when under occupational stress:
Take 1 to 3 packets per day depending on the level of your stress.

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