A great ally for a healthy life: Osato's Fermented Papaya

Revitalize your skin from the inside


We all get old, it is normal, and no-one is spared. However, we are not all equal when it comes to aging, as we are genetically armed to differing degrees to defend ourselves against the attacks suffered by our skin throughout our lives. It is hereditary. However, it does not stop there.

Our skin is our ally. Among other things, it serves as a shield against many environmental attacks, e.g., sun, heat, cold, wind, infection, pollutants, pesticides and detergents. It also allows us to maintain our body temperature and hydration.

However, we are continually mistreating this ally. We not only expose our skin to these many external attacks but also inflict all sorts of internal attacks: an unbalanced diet, too much alcohol, smoking, stress, and lack of sleep.

Preventive measures can be taken to reduce the attacks suffered by the skin, revitalize it and therefore slow its aging: protection against the sun and cold, eating an healthy diet, reducing alcohol comsumption, get enough sleep, avoid smoking and pollutants, and more. In addition to these preventive measures, the body’s natural defenses can be boosted from the inside to slow skin aging.

Skin aging can be fought by making changes to your lifestyle and environment. The idea is not to stop aging, but to age in good health to maintain a younger skin and a dynamic appearance as long as possible.


For over twenty years, Japanese women taking Immun’Âge® on a regular basis have been reporting that their skin remains supple, well-hydrated and with an even complexion. They also observed a reduction of their brown marks. As they find Immun’Âge® an effective and natural help to fight skin aging, they started to call it TABERU KESHOSHIN, i.e., the “cosmetic you can eat” ( 食べる化粧品).

In 2016, the researchers of the Osato Research Institute published a clinical study demonstrating the beneficial effect of Immun’Âge® on the skin: “Effect of a quality-controlled fermented nutraceutical on skin aging markers- An antioxidant-control, double-blind study.” Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine.

The clinical study corroborated the statements made by our Japanese customers. By analyzing the effects of Immun’Âge® on the skin, the Osato Research Institute team observed the usual improvement in the natural defense systems brought about by Immun’Âge®. These defense systems (the antioxidative system and the immune system) protect us against harmful environmental attacks on the skin (sun, pollution, stress). However, the researchers also observed that Immun’Âge® had an active effect on the evenness of the complexion, the skin’s hydration and its elasticity, three characteristics which allow the skin to remain to look young as long as possible as it ages.

Immun’Âge® for a skin makeover at any age!

Keep your skin young-looking with one to three packets of Immun’Âge® per day for two months, three to four times a year depending on your lifestyle and environment!