A great ally for a healthy life: Osato's Fermented Papaya

Protection against colds, sore throats, the flu and other upper respiratory infections

Immun'Âge® and Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

Upper Respiratory Tract Infections are common in winter. They include the common cold, rhinitis, sore throats, and the flu among others.

Your first line of defense is provided both by your antioxidative system and the local mucous membranes which cover your upper respiratory tract. The role of mucus is to protect your body against infections. Mucus is secreted along with other infection-fighting substances that make up our immune system. 

Immun'Âge® helps reinforce the local mucosal immune defenses and reduce oxidative stress, i.e., the inflammation. It will contribute to reducing the incidence and severity of this type of infections.

Prevention: Take 1 to 3 packet(s) / day for one month.

At first symptoms: Take three packets for 2-3 days. And one packet a day for two weeks.


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