A great ally for a healthy life: Osato's Fermented Papaya

Product Composition

Immun'Âge® is a 100 % natural food supplement made from the fermentation of non-genetically modified Carica papayas from Hawaii.

No preservatives or chemicals are used.

The department of agriculture of the State of Hawaii (Quality Assurance Division) has certified the Carica papayas harvested in Hawaii as a non-genetically-modified organism (non-GMO).

The unique fermentation process used by Osato is based on traditional Japanese fermentation processes, yet it is extremely advanced and sophisticated. The process uses specific traditional yeasts and lasts several months. No living yeasts or identifiable yeast products are left in the product after fermentation.
The results of this long fermentation process is a white dry powder including 90% of sugars called ‘oligosaccharides,' including some that have a great immunoregulating action. The role of oligosaccharides partly consists of protecting the body against infections (virus, bacteria, toxins).
One packet of Immun’Âge® amounts to less than half a sugar cube, i.e., 1% of the recommended daily value.
People with Type 2 Diabetes, can use it safely. (See our F.A.Q.)