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Exercising and Immun'Âge®

Immun’Âge® can provide protective benefits for people who exercise.

You usually get the consequences of your hard work-out one or two days later. And four to 72 hours after the intensive effort, as your immune system decreases, you may have to deal with respiratory tract infections such as a cold, bronchitis, rhinitis… 

Immun’Âge® can protect you from these effects by:

  • decreasing muscle soreness, pains, cramps, stiffness, and fatigue,
  • speeding up recovery after a strenuous workout,
  • slowing down your susceptibility to infections.
Immun’Âge® can also heighten your alertness and concentration without causing drowsiness before a competition.

Intensive workouts and oxidative stress

Free radicals are normally produced in our bodies for specific purposes such as energy production and immune defense. However, when in excess, they are destructive. The resulting damage is known as ‘oxidative stress.’
During an intensive workout, your oxygen consumption increases dramatically. This triggers too many free radicals for your anti-oxidative system to eliminate. Your body is facing oxidative stress that leads to small oxidative damage such as muscular injury, cramps, stiffness, pain, muscle soreness, and fatigue. Your immune system has been weakened.
With training, the body learns how to handle oxidative stress and its anti-oxidative capacities will expand. The bodies of trained athletes have enhanced their anti-oxidative system capabilities. However, everyone has a limit to how much they can adjust these capabilities. Even well-trained athletes are not sheltered from injury particularly when they over-train.

Immun’Âge® has been proven to help training athletes’ bodies to better fight oxidative stress, and counteract the weakening of the immune system.

As demonstrated by more than 50 published clinical studies, Immun’Âge® properties help stimulate the natural body defenses, both the anti-oxidative system and the immune system.